This has somewhat been at the back of my mind.
I mean… Currently, I would love to return back to Singapore.
However, based on my current visa in the US, we do have an easier path to a Green Card or the equivalent of a US PR.

Now, there’s plenty of people who would love to get a Green Card.
And for me, I can understand why. US provides many people with an opportunity.
People from Vietnam, Koreans, Hong Kongers, etc.
People who want to get out of their country cos of whatever reasons.

Of course if people are doing well in their countries, most likely they would stay in their home countries. Unless they have concerned about the stability of their home country.

So I do ask myself if someday in the future, would I consider migrating to the US.
It’s not an ideal place. As I said before. Politics is dirty and ugly, there’s racism, minimal but still rears