When the salesperson at the showflat asks “do you have any questions?” you can immediately spot the first-time buyers. They’re the ones who can’t think of anything to ask, while the more veteran property buyers already have five or six issues to bring up.

We get it though – when you’re buying a home for the first time, you likely won’t even know what’s important to ask. That’s why we’ve put together a quick checklist, for the next time you decide to visit a showflat. This will ensure you cover most of the bases (but it’s by no means exhaustive).

We can break this into:

  • Questions about price
  • Questions about day-to-day running
  • Questions about facilities
  • Questions about quality and finishing

Questions about price 

1. Why should I pay this amount when (any other nearby property) costs less?

As you’d know by now, new launch condos are always priced higher.

By asking this question, you’re getting a clearer picture of