Learning investing/trading together part 8: Ex-Dividend capture strategy method 

*For more information on Ex-dividend capture strategy method, you can refer to/download this book

This week post we will focus on a trading method known as Ex-Dividend capture strategy method(Not exactly sure if there is another name for such strategy though)

What is “Ex-Dividend”?
A trading term that specifies when a declared dividend is owned by the seller rather than the buyer For example, the ex-dividend date for the stock DBS(D05) as shown below is 2018-08-08This means that if you own the stock on 2018-08-08 aka Aug 8, 2018, you will be entitled to the dividend also known as cash dividend  Dividend or Cash dividend: A cash dividend is a money paid to stockholders, normally out of the corporation’s current earnings or accumulated profits. Not all companies pay a dividend though) A common misconception is that you must own the stock until after the ex-dividend dates