Here is the 3rd episode on whether the main tenants of REITs can afford their rents. Any signs of tenants not able to pay their rents is definitely going to cause a dip in a REIT’s price, at least in the short term.

Why short term? Well, the REITs still own the buildings, and what is uncertain is whether another tenant takes up the buildings, or is willing to pay a similar rental rate.

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I really enjoy writing these series of articles, as it brings back the memories when I was working in a bank, where days are spent digging information on the net. Okay..

So what’s up for this latest episode? Let’s recap on our progress!

Rank 1: Elite Commercial GBP REIT at 99%
Rank 2: First REIT at 81.59%
Rank 3: Parkway Life REIT at 58.5%
Rank 4: iReit Global at 45.80%
Rank 5: Keppel DC at 41%