I know this sounds like an odd topic as most homes in Singapore are already subscribed to broadband service. The cheapest broadband service around that I can find comes at 200mpbs speed with a 24-month contract and $27.99/mth and $53.50 service installation fee. Not sure why they throw in free home phone line for “value-added service” when almost everybody have our own mobile phones. The next cheapest I can find is 500Mbps at $29.90/mth.

Why would I need to find the cheapest short-term internet access for home appliances? Of course it’s because my current place is not subscribed to any broadband service. Also because I want to surf the internet comfortably on my laptop (instead of handphone) and I need the WiFi to run my Xiaomi home cam when I am out. As I am not sure if I would be moving out in the next 1-2 years, I don’t want to