Hello there, it is earning seasons once again!

In one of my older posts, I anticipated earnings for this quarter to reflect the economic fallout caused by COVID-19. Yet contrary to my beliefs, Q2 results weren’t bad at all for many of the companies or maybe I have been looking at too much tech.

Quickly go over my portfolio snapshot..

Most of my holdings are still in the red, 5 months after the correction in March. Nice to see some of my picks (Silverlake Axis, JB Foods) are beginning to move towards the break even point.

On the other hand, First REIT had been really disappointing lately with all the bad news. It is ironic for a health care REIT to have reduced patient volume during a pandemic because of a pandemic.

Health care is defensive? Well, not anymore!

So, definitely a lesson learnt here, invest in REITs with weak sponsors and you have a pretty good chance of getting “rekt”.