The book Die with Zero has also put the traditional notion of the Bucket List to death, and this makes sense whether you are a believer of the FIRE movement or a subscriber to the conventional ideas of a commissioned financial advisor.

For the older generation, there is this idea that retirement is a reward for a life well-lived, so most of Gen X engaged in their careers believing that by delaying gratification and working hard, they will be rewarded with a life of casual travel with their teenaged children after being able to take out their CPF money.

But this form of delay of gratification can be risky :

  • A Gen-X career no longer lasts until you can get your money out at 55. A cynic once said that an engineer’s career is basically doing MNC work in his 30s, working for a government agency in his 40s, driving Grab above his 50s, and selling cardboard in his 60s.