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Bench marking myself against STI, HKSE and World Index:

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Year to date:

STI Index: -19.27%
HK Index: -7.62%
My Portfolio: -4.92%
World Index: +5.70%

Three years trailing:
STI Index: -17.92%
HK Index: -3.84%
World Index: +20.89%
My Portfolio: +12.38%

Year to date, I outperformed STI by 14.35% and HK by 2.7%, under performed the World Index by 10.62%. Three years trailing, I outperformed STI by 30.3% and HK by 16.22%, under performed the World Index by 8.51%.

Portfolio composition:


Bought JXR(HK:1951) 4.21% weightage
Bought more Netease(HK:9999) to 4.35% weightage
Bought Frontage(HK:1521) to 3.06%
Bought Genscript Bio(HK:1548) to 2.76%
Took profit for XD(HK:2400)
Took profit for Pacific Century(SGX:P15)

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Global markets continues to be cautious with tech stocks taking the center stage. Especially asset light fully scale-able Saas companies.