K-drama fans! It has been over a month since the finale of the hit drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was aired. A drama with depth that has pulled the heartstrings of many. Many of us are still missing the drama (myself included)! IOTNBO taught us many life lessons – but financial lessons?

1. Count up to three before making any impulse purchase

This scene left us squealing for what is to come! But aside from that, Gang Tae teaches us how to calm down when you can’t control yourself. With all the 9.9 sales going on, many of us are drawn into the discount frenzy, buying items that we don’t need on impulse. Remember to always calm yourself down – you can use Gang Tae’s method of counting up to three, before pressing the “Pay” button. Not all items in your shopping cart are necessary – differentiate your needs vs wants and filter out what is not needed before you pay!