[Tutorial] How to start trading and being on the leaderboard for this tournament: Step 1: As the tournament begins on 21 September, 9am sharp, go to our website: www.investingnote.com and login with the username or account type that you registered for the tournament with. Step 2: Click the “Simulation” button at the top right to access the competition, or use this link: Step 3: Click the “View My Simulation” button to access your virtual portfolio Step 4: View your virtual portfolio’s dashboard, and click the “buy” button at the top to start trading. Step 5: Place an order by keying in the desired stock and the amount. Step 6: Let your profits roll and make other trades by repeating step 2! Step 7: Closing your trade: simply go to your summary positions and click the “x” icons. Do take note of the following: