An interesting article from TODAY (Link Here) shows why for the majority of people, even a highly paid career such as a pilot – they continue to struggle and face the crunch to survive when these are considered high-income earners.

The article interviews a random selection of 12 pilots, and while the sample number is considered relatively small, it gives a good indication of how numbers crunching and dire the situation is for these pilots during the pandemic.

High-Income Earners = Higher Wealth?

Many of us would think that high-income earners have a better correlation to wealth.

After all, if you earn $10,000 as opposed to say $2,000, you should be much better off technically when it comes to your savings rate…. right!?

Most People Would Think Linearly That Nothing Can Go Wrong

As it turns out, this isn’t necessarily the case.

From the article, one of the pilots is earning an income excess of $14,000 (including allowance)