Endowus just launched a new product/portfolio called Fund Smart which allows an investor to decide and select what they want for his/her portfolio. One of the pro/con (depending on how you look at it) of robo-advisors is the lack of control to decide how/what you would like to invest in and Endowus has stepped up to fill this gap by being the first in the market to provide an option.

The product is so new that there is no landing page but it can be accessed easily by adding a new goal/portfolio.

No surprise here. This is why till now robo-advisors did not provide something like this. Typically, a portfolio is recommended based on an individual’s risk profile. By building/selecting your own fund, there is the possibility of taking more risk than one is comfortable. Hence, the need for such acknowledgment. Basically, you are on your own (“I will accept full responsibility…“).