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Fund Report part2; S&P weakened considerably since the inaugural TTF’s 1st report on the 28th Aug:

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing in September.

I’ve managed to dance between the raindrops in the past month or so, as TTF continued to grow strongly, largely on the backs of just a couple of nicely timed positions.

1 of which is to enter into long positions in BBBY just the week before earnings release:

Time for some numbers:

TTF fund cumulative money weighted return since inception in Feb 2020: +25.66%, YTD returns: +25.45%

Total deposits: USD 165,913.77

Current NAV: USD 194,405.75

Quantum gain: USD 28,491.98

This compares favorably with the 3 benchmarks I use:

I’m pleased with how TTF managed to dance between the raindrops, bucking the trend and adding further gains in a volatile September,