Note: If you are investing only in stocks that are denominated in your base currency (e.g. SGD), you can skip this article.

The old way of handling FX

Previously, StocksCafe handled portfolio with multiple currencies very simplistically. It would directly convert any non-base currency using the latest FX rate when needed (except for dividends where the FX rate used is the one on ex-date).

While this is an easy to understand and implement approach, there were several issues with it which lead to inaccurate representation of your actual returns in your base currency. e.g. Many users have asked why is it that their Total in SGD cost is constantly changing. In addition, not being able to determine the FX rate for a transaction especially frustrated a few users.

The improved FX 2.0

I spent a good amount of time over the last few weeks working on improving how StocksCafe handles FX.