A couple of years ago, I played with this Software-as-a-service called Timeline.

It allows an adviser to put their client’s case throught the system and give an idea whether the client’s resources is enough for them to have a conservative retirement.

They allow the adviser to model based on both Monte Carlo and Historical Withdrawal Rates.

You can read Making a Portfolio of $500,000 last 60 years on a 5% Initial Withdrawal Rate and The Permanent Portfolio Might Do Worse in Retirement than the Traditional Equity Bond Portfolio to see Timeline in action.

The CEO of Timeline, Abraham Okusanya, from time to time writes well written research articles on retirement planning.

This week he published a post called No , QE didn’t break the 4% rule.

One of the fears that we have is that with very low bond yields, many smart folks commented that the 4% rate is no longer safe.