Moving into the last quarter of 2020, many investors are eager to jump in after staying on the sidelines for a while now. I’ve since decided to collate a list of my top 4 must buy REITs in the 2H2020 and moving into FY2021. These REITs are my own personal favorites and are picked based on each of their merits which I will share. Without further ado, let’s get started on this list.

Parkway Life REIT

First on my list of must buy REITs is Parkway Life REIT, one of the largest listed healthcare REITs in Asia with an enlarged portfolio of S$1.96 billion. The REIT is defensive with its long term lease structures which protects its downside. It also provides a stable stream of income which is supported by regular rental revisions.

As we can see from their portfolio, they are very diversified with properties across 3 key countries in Asia, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. It’s good to note that they own a total of 49 Freehold properties and 4 Leasehold properties, 3 of which are in Singapore.