Investment Linked Policies or ILPs have been an ideal target to be bashed by many personal finance groups and investment gurus. In your wealth management journey, perhaps an agent might have ethically (common assumption used by those groups/gurus) told you or sold you an ILP before. Hence, you might start to think whether the ILP does make sense for you. These Groups/Gurus’ bottom line: Cancel Your ILPs. The fees are expensive. Buy term, invest the rest. You can get better investment returns. Wealthdojo’s bottom line: ILP is suitable if you are looking for a booster in coverage for a short period of time and plan to accumulate shares/units in a systematic way. You have a more passive approach to investment. An ILP works ideally when you are younger.

3 Brutal Truths about Investment Linked Policy You Wish You Knew ILP Confused

So what now? Disclaimer aside, I hope to share