Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our homes have transitioned into makeshift workspaces, gyms, classrooms, restaurants, and even movie theatres. The increase in the number of activities happening under one roof (and the dreaded COVID-19 fatigue) has caused significant changes in how we all view and interact with our interior spaces–and you’re likely no exception. It’s increasingly clear that redecorating, especially with functional, elegant bespoke pieces that can elevate everyday experiences and potentially increase efficiency levels, is more than worth the effort. There’s just one concern: does custom-made furniture cost an arm and a leg? And on a related note, are there ways you could save on the costs? We explore below. What Influences The Cost Of A Custom-Made Furniture? The cost of a made-to-measure furniture piece depends on a few key variables. First, materials. The quality of your preferred fabric, wood, etc. influences the cost of your custom-made furniture directly.