It’s been a really interesting 2 weeks.

We had a Biden win, we had a 90% efficacy COVID vaccine, and we had the mother of all rotations from tech into value stocks (which was partially undone the next day).

But in today’s article, I wanted to look at another Singapore classic stock – OCBC Bank.

After the massive rally the past week, is it still a good investment?

Source:  ShareInvestor WebPro

Note: The research for this article, and most of the charts here, are sourced from ShareInvestor Webpro. It’s a great way to quickly perform research on Singapore stocks, far more comprehensive and flexible than other options like Yahoo Finance.

You can learn more in my review on ShareInvestor Webpro here.

Basics: What is OCBC Bank?

OCBC Bank needs no introduction.

It’s one of the 3 largest local banks in Singapore, alongside DBS and UOB.

Singapore is their largest market (58% of asset base), followed by China (17%) and Malaysia (13%).