First up, a bit of a PSA: I’m looking for an administrative partner. Basically, SG TTI is getting enquiries about partnerships and all that, and I’m not good at doing stuff like that, and really have no interest either. If you’re interested, drop me an email:, and yea, if there’s monetary remuneration involved, of course, you get to partake in it.

In my last post, almost a month ago, I bragged a little about TTF’s performance (

“….. TTF has been owning the markets so numbers have changed rather drastically.”

Well, right after that, the markets tanked with the uncertainty around the US elections being at least a major contributory factor. TTF tanked even harder, with a drop in October that’s steeper than the benchmark indices. I made use of the market weakness to pile on positions in my favored generals though, and November has thus far been sweet, resulting in a massive outperformance that’s still continuing.