With everything going up onto the internet and on the cloud, cybersecurity has definitely become a growing trend. Investors are now rushing to invest in cybersecurity tech companies like CrowdStrike and ZScaler. Let’s take a deep dive into CrowdStrike and truly understand what investors are buying into.

Business Overview

CrowdStrike is a multinational cybersecurity business with one objective, to stop attacks and secure organizations. Combining next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response, and a 24/7 controlled hunting service, powered by AI and cloud computing, CrowdStrike has revolutionized endpoint security.

Crowdstrike was formed in 2011 and sells its cybersecurity software “Falcon” to large businesses and government customers, including major global banks, medical and energy firms. Goldman Sachs, Amazon Web Services, MIT and different US states and cities are among Crowdstrike’s clientele.

Crowdstrike has also helped the US government in running cybersecurity investigations. For instance, for more than a decade, Crowdstrike has tracked North Korean hackers.