Hello there, my lovely investor friends!

2021 is well and truly underway, but the dust from last year is yet to settle.


More like radioactive air particles!

As investors, 2020 was like pushing an aging accelerator button.

My God, I even found a grey hair! What’s all that about, eh?

There was much collective glass clinking and deep breathing on New Years Eve, and reading comments online it was clear that most people believed 2021 is going to be this new shiny, hassle free year, one in which the anxieties and fears of the previous twelve months will suddenly evaporate like a steam from a boiling kettle.

Alas… I fear this is not to be.

We find ourselves living – and investing – in strange times.

I won’t go through the long list of macro issues that keep us all up and night, but it’s fair to say the uncertainty and nail- biting will continue for the foreseeable future.