If you haven’t read my previous post on this topic can click here.

My savings account strategy remained similar to last year:

BOC Smartsaver: Salary + CC top up to Grab($1500) + Pay three bills gives 1.45%pa for $80k

Singlife: 2%pa for $10k. If you don’t mind 1%pa interest you can top up $90k more. I personally just keep $10k inside.

Dash EasyEarn: 2%pa for $20k

This strategy if maxed out gives you close to $147 per month. If you wish to double the amount of savings quantum, you can open the same accounts for your wife. I prefer to put the excess to work in the stock market. Even if you are extremely risk averse, there are retail bonds for you to consider.

For BOC Q10 credit card Grab top up, besides getting the extra 0.5%pa for your