So I came across a video by CNA insider “What Retirement on $1000 – $2000 a month in Singapore looks like. It follows mainly three man on their retirement journey and how they fund their retirement. It’s quite a nice, short and informative video on how the retirees are funding and coping with retirement life.

How they will be funding their retirement Phua Foo Guan For the first individual, Phua Foo Guan (former iT professional), a very active individual who has events planned out for his week with jogs, table tennis and even steps climbing till the 40th floor. Seeing his lifestyle really makes me kinda ashamed at my exercise routine haha. His main funding for his retirement will be from his CPF LIFE payout, cash savings,investments and his home as an asset. Patrick Lee The second individual, Patrick Lee (Salesman), who looks really fun,artistic and sociable, relies on