“You’ll make instant profit”, the sales team will tell you, “if you buy at a discount now, and then the prices rise in a few months”. It’s a familiar sales pitch in many show flats; and to Singapore’s property investors and home buyers, early-bird discounts are expected at launch. But is it true?

The most honest answer would be “Sometimes, and to varying degrees”. Assuming prices really do rise later, some new launch condos might net you a double-digit percentage increase…and some might net you a few hundred dollars. Here’s a comprehensive look at how prices can change (both positively and negatively) for 88 new launch condos so far.

88 new launch condo gains at a glance:

First off, there are two things to note:

We are showing a snapshot of the selling performance of a new launch condo 6 months after it has launched, and comparing it to 6 months before today.