As mentioned previously – Portfolio – April 2021, I was going to move my remaining crypto out of and the initial plan was to convert them to ADA or ETH before moving but the price of both coins had already shot up while CRO kept falling. I didn’t want to chase the price so I began looking into other/smaller networks to farm. The reason for going to a smaller network is you can start farming first when the price is low before it gains popularity just like the CAKE token in PancakeSwap. It was less than a dollar last year/early this year but went as high as US$40+ a few weeks back.

After researching, I realized the cheapest way was to move them to the Harmony ONE network which cost just 0.0008 ONE token. That’s 0.0008 x US$0.1094 (at the point of writing) ~ US$0.00008752. lol. No pain at all as compared to transferring BTC or ETH.