Ethereum refers to a decentralised, open-source blockchain technology which serves as a ledger to keep track of transactions. Ledgers are the foundations of cryptocurrency transactions and Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency is called Ether (ETH). Similar to Dogecoin, Ethereum has been seeing exponential growth this past year and it is even rivalling Bitcoin (BTC) as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Reportedly, Ethereum’s price has soared by 435% since the beginning of 2021. In comparison, the price of Bitcoin has increased about 100%. Does this mean that Ethereum is a good long term investment?

Why Ethereum Is Worth The Investment

Cryptocurrency has been making headlines and there’s a lot of buzz about the risk of getting involved with crypto trading. Some financial experts even refer to cryptocurrencies as ‘casino funds’ that could go wrong without any warning. However, if you research the market and learn more about Ethereum, there are still some good reasons to consider Ethereum as a worthwhile long term investment.