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Is there a point in setting a personal financial milestone?
By A Pen Quotes  •  June 26, 2021
On 20 Feb 2020, I wrote in a blog post that I have reached my networth financial milestone. Prior to that post, on 29 April 2018, I highlighted that my ‘journey’ to reaching this milestone was facing some hiccups mainly due to stock portfolio losses and I might need a longer time to reach the milestone than I have anticipated. Reached the next milestone! (read here) Reaching the next milestone (read here) I did not state the exact (net worth) amount in my posts as I felt the post only really matter to me alone, and act as markers for me to reflect upon in the future. I also felt that this figure fluctuates from time to time, and I have a significant portion of my net worth in stocks… So the amount I see now may trend lower in the (near) future, despite me periodically ‘feeding’ the stock portfolio ‘beast’ – inject cash....
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