REIT Analysis: A look at Ascendas REIT (SGX: A17U)
By The Life Investors  •  June 30, 2021

To any REIT investor in Singapore, Ascendas REIT needs no introduction. It is one of the pioneer REITs to list on the Singapore market all the way back in 2002. With a market cap of close to S$12.2 billion, Ascendas REIT is also the second-largest REIT on the Singapore market.

In terms of market performance, Ascendas REIT has also performed admirably well over the past 18 years, returning more than 500% returns to IPO investors, or an annualised return of around 10.6% (inclusive of dividends).

Given its standing and performance thus far in the local S-REIT market, Ascendas REIT has often been regarded as a “no-brainer” investment. However, as the saying goes, past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Thus, I decided to do an analysis of Ascendas REIT to see how its performance has been over the past 5 years and gauge its future growth prospects. If

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By The Life Investors
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