iReit Global

Recent change includes the long awaiting Preferential Offering (PO) finalized. The excess allocation result is kind of surprise yet not. CDP share has more than 2700% excess allocation in term on original rights allocation. This is in consideration that share size is minuscule.

On Custodian account side which is where main bulk of iReit shares are, it is slightly more than 100% excess allocation again in term of original rights given. If we have applied for double the excess, there is likelihood we would have got it as well based on others feedback. This is a surprise. On hindsight, which is a bitch, PP is quite small relative to PO. Well sometimes it takes experience to get through. And then proceed to shade a little off the portfolio to right size the exposure assuming the trading price maintains.


Is on the tear again. Blogged many times on the significant undervaluation.