From 2 to 31 August 2021, new users (in Singapore) who register an account with Moomoo will receive FREE 2 Pfizer shares (ticker: PFE) and 5 Haidilao shares (ticker: 6862) when they complete the necessary actions within 30 days.

Unfortunately, no more Apple shares and Nio shares for new sign-ups but these PFE and 6862 are worth around SGD 140 at the time of writing (PFE is US$44/share; 6862 is HKD27.6/share).

Here’s how to get the welcome bonus

Step 1: Click here to open a new account

Step 2: Download the Moomoo mobile app and login with your details

Step 3: Deposit SGD 2700 or USD 2000 or HKD 16,000 into your account

Step 4: Follow 1 user in Moomoo and get 50 points (if you want, you can follow me, just search for my username “prudentdreamer”)

Step 5: Post 1 comment in any stock and get 50 points