Before May 2021, I was very skeptical about option trading. I’ve seen plenty of option trading advertisement and courses, and I intentionally ignored them because I knew that option is a risky financial instrument (at least, that’s what everyone says).

However, I accidentally learned it while watching a YouTube video and I was like, “Wait.. Are you sure it’s that easy? It can’t be THAT easy! Let me try it out.” Well, soon enough, I got hooked! I have to give credit to Kelvin for introducing me to option trading.

Before placing my first option trade, I did some research about the basic of option trading, how to trade option safely, what are the downside of selling option, how to adjust my position of the stock goes against my bet. I learned so much from YouTube, especially from BCI and Option Alpha. I did not purchase any course because I did not feel the need to ( because option courses are crazy expensive).