Thanks to the stunning surge in COVID case numbers, it’s been a little trickier arranging property viewings as people are understandably wary about letting strangers in at the moment. (I’m not dying to mingle myself, at this point in time!) Hence, instead of doing an in-depth review of a specific waterfront development in this article (like Waterfront Isle and Waterview), I’ll be taking a broader focus and looking at the different areas in which you can find affordable waterfront HDB living.

In Singapore, affordable housing doesn’t get any cheaper than government housing so it’s where I’ll start my search! In this piece, I’ll be identifying some areas in which one can find HDBs with waterfront views, before moving on to look at where you can find affordable waterfront private property (besides Bedok Reservoir) next week.

There are 4 different types of waterfront views you can get in Singapore (and I’ll try to cover at least 1 of each in this article):