Having received $14k of interests from my CPF savings for 2021, I am getting greedy.

I ponder whether to earn more interests by transferring funds from CPF Ordinary Account (OA) to Special Account (SA).

The Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is $192,000 for members who turn age 55 in year 2022.

My current Special Account balance is $178,795.29.

I have sufficient funds in my OA to transfer $13,204.71 to SA for attainment of FRS instantly.

However, I decided not to attain FRS this year for 2 reasons.

  1. Personal loan from my own OA account for property purchase

As I have already made a down-payment for a HDB BTO flat, there is an outstanding amount of more than $300k to be settled with either a bank loan or HDB loan in 5 years time. Having no intention to cash out on my investments in stocks, Reits and savings