3 ways to earn passive income with crypto. Detailed step by step breakdown (Part 2)
By New Academy of Finance  •  April 4, 2022
Passive Income with crypto In Part 1 of this 2-parts series article, I detailed how one can look to generate some passive income from your crypto assets through the process of 1) Staking and 2) Yield farming. In this article, I will be detailing the process of how you can lend out your crypto assets, and in the process generate passive income, through crypto lending platforms. I will wrap up the article with a few of my personal “strategies” for generating passive income. This is, however, by no means a recommendation that you should engage the same approach as my risk profile could be vastly different from you. It is recommended that you take “baby steps” and try out 1 to 2 “safer” options (mainly staking through CEX) of earning passive income with crypto to get yourself acquainted with the process and only when you are truly comfortable with the “ins and out” should you proceed to explore the “riskier” avenues....
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By New Academy of Finance

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