Buffet’s Analysis of Geico in 1951- Why was it attractive then?
By Something About Finance  •  April 26, 2022
Contributed by: The Big Fat Whale Here is a look into the mind of Buffet when he was just 21.  He was still a student at the University of Columbia embracing the teachings of Benjamin Graham. In 1951, as Geico was one of its key holdings of Graham (Graham is also Chairman of the Board), Buffet would want to know more about the company. He took a train down to Washington on a Saturday when the Geico office was closed. He was persistent enough to get the building janitor to lead him to Lorimer Davidson who was the only one working that day. Davidson would eventually be the CEO in 1958. The encounter gave him a huge head start in the business of insurance that would be one of the key foundations for his future investment framework. Free float in the form of premiums if successfully invested would unleash the...
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By Something About Finance
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