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Highlights from Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2022 Day 2
By Seedly  •  May 12, 2022
Missed the Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2022? Don’t fret. As long as you’re a Seedly PFF 2022 ticket holder, you’ll be able to enjoy 30-day access to all recorded content via Micepad, the platform that we hosted the festival on. The last day to get your ticket is 14 May 2022! GET YOUR TICKET BEFORE 14 MAY 2022 FYI: all recorded content will only be available, from now till Friday, 27 May 2022, 2359. All content for SeedlyFest belongs to Seedly and may not be sold, reproduced, or distributed without our written permission. We highly suggest that you watch BOTH Day 1 or Day 2 because… Source: SpongeBob SquarePants | Giphy We’ve covered topics that are relevant to all aspects of personal finance, including 2022 investment trends, CPF, insurance etc. on Day 1, as well as cryptocurrency, property trend, credit card strategies etc. on Day 2. TL;DR: Highlights from Seedly PFF 2022 (Day 2) Before we get to the good stuff, we couldn’t have pulled off SeedlyFest without the help of our sponsors and partners....
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By Seedly
Launched in 2016, Seedly helps users make smarter financial decisions with its budgeting app which allows its 40,000 users to sync up their financial accounts and better manage their cash-flow. Last year, we introduced a new community feature which allows users to crowdsource knowledge from peers before making a financial decision.

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