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STI Outlook – As of 15th May 2022
By Loopholes Singapore  •  May 14, 2022
Money printing has become counter productive In the past week, we saw the system of currencies go haywire simply because of our abuse on it for the past few years. Rampant money printing in addition to the new craze like cryptocurrency is wrecking the concept of value internationally. With that comes with uncertainty in the market where we dabble with assets that supposedly has value. From reits retreating to stable stocks dipping, I am confident that many people did not really understand many stock price movements in the past week. Nevertheless, when all else fails, we still have our charts so let us take a look at it together for the STI. STI – Updated Daily Chart Lucky guess? The point is not just to get it right but also recognize that the market is governed by and large by some sort of system that might or might not be visible to investors....
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By Loopholes Singapore

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