Belvia DBSS Review: Great, Convenient Surroundings In The East But Not The Best DBSS
By Stacked Homes  •  May 20, 2022
Out of all the DBSS developments in Singapore, Belvia is probably the least well known. Perhaps due to its smaller plot of land, it is easier to overlook it when it comes to the rest. Like many other DBSS though, it came out for the wrong reasons and this time it featured the tirade of a resident known as Ms Tang. Photo: Facebook/Geraldine Tang. Source: CNA. There were claims by her that there were toilet leaks and contamination in her flat which resulted in health issues. However, the HDB and PUB investigated the matter and found that everything was in order, moreover, the resident may similar complaints in the past two residences of hers and no other resident in the precinct made such complaints – putting the truthfulness of her case into questions....
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By Stacked Homes
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