Introducing: PropertyGuru Finance SmartRefi, A Smarter Way to Save
By Finance and Toast  •  May 20, 2022
Most of us would have come across PropertyGuru while searching for a home. Even with the recent market turmoil, it did not stop a particular HDB at Henderson Road from breaking new records, showing the resilience of the local property market. PropertyGuru, has become such a household name for Singaporeans, that it has further expanded into South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. More recently, it was debuted on the New York Stock Exchange with a ticker of PGRU. Quick facts: PropertyGuru was founded in 2007 by Steve Melhuish and Jani Rautiainen after they experienced pain points of searching for a home in Singapore Their aim was to disrupt the traditional classified property ads market by transitioning to the digital space Over the years, they made strategic acquisitions to penetrate into various South East Asia countries. One such example includes wholly acquiring in Vietnam In...
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By Finance and Toast
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