Angkor Resources – An Attractive Resource Play to hedge against your high inflation
By SmallCapAsia  •  May 25, 2022
There has been a big shift in investor sentiment these past year as the share prices of growth stocks start to cool down as people get weary of their high valuations. In contrast, investors are going more downstream – into the commodity stocks that help to hedge against the soaring inflation. While there are plenty of resource plays like agriculture or mining companies, there is one interesting small company out of Canada that has its primary operations in Southeast Asia – Angkor Resources Corporation (“Angkor” in short). Angkor Resources stands out for their 10+ year track record and their cashflow focus in the short term. On top of that, we can find 3 reasons to invest in Angkor Resources: 1. A Steady Cashflow Project in Western Canada set to Begin Producing Later this Month In the middle of the Canadian Prairies lies a small settlement called Evesham, Saskatchewan. What’s exciting is that Angkor got their hands on a...
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By SmallCapAsia
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