Bob Is Rebalancing Yet Again…With Some Changes
By The Bedokian Portfolio  •  June 28, 2022
Bob will be rebalancing his portfolio on 30 June 2022 with another SGD 5,000.

This time round, Bob will be using a different brokerage for his portfolio. As you know, previously Bob’s transaction fees were on the high side, thus this resulted in reduced returns.


With the advent of more brokerages offering lower commissions, Bob had decided to switch over to them for his trades, as well as transferring the entirety of his portfolio (assumed free of charge).


Remaining brand-neutral and given the size of his trades, the assumed transaction fee per trade would be SGD 5.00 (for Singapore securities) or USD 5.00 (for U.S. securities). I understand actual fees may be lower, but I would keep it at that quantum.


Bob’s portfolio can be accessed here.

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By The Bedokian Portfolio
My first encounter with the financial markets started in the aftermath of the 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis. Before this, I had no notion of what investment and trading were, although I had learned about economics, business management and accounting back in my university studies. I was a trader when I first started, albeit an amateurish one, and trading was just a side hobby of mine ...

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