How This Couple Overhauled Their HDB Flat After Living There For 9 Years Into A Raw Minimalist Home
By Stacked Homes  •  June 28, 2022
It’s not often that you hear of someone renovating their existing home. For most people, it only makes sense to renovate if they’ve moved to a new home. It’s often too comfortable (and disruptive), to think about renovating the current home – even if a refresh would do wonders for a new environment.  But this is exactly what Vincent and Amy (*not their real names for privacy purposes) did. They moved to their 4-room resale flat in the “armpit of Marine Terrace” (as Vincent expressively describes it) in 2012. They only did very basic renovation back then to make it liveable for them. Vincent said there was no design to speak of at that time. “I was overjoyed just to have a clean, working toilet,” he added. They renovated it again after nine years and have been living in this version 2.0 of the flat since July 2021, and have...
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By Stacked Homes
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