40 year-old lost $618,848 Options Trading in 2022 – Here’s what he learned
By Financial Horse  •  July 10, 2022
So I came across a very interesting post recently on the FH Facebook Group. It was an investor sharing about his $618,848 loss options trading in 2022. Now that really caught my attention. Upon a deeper dive, I found out that he started with a $1,000,000 portfolio on Interactive Brokers. Over the past 6 – 12 months, he has been buying long dated FAANG call options. Unfortunately, the crash in the NASDAQ has not been kind to him. As we speak, of his original $1,000,000 portfolio, only about $394,000 remain.

Intrigued – I reached out to ask if he was keen to share his story.

What follows is an exclusive Financial Horse interview with Jason Cai. Hi Jason, can you share a bit more about yourself? Jason: I am 40 this year, married and am a young parent. I work as an IT professional. I am not some rich guy who thinks that 648k is peanuts in my total net worth. Neither am I bankrolled by rich parents....
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By Financial Horse
Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse gallops through the mysteries ...

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