What Do Business Awards Even Mean?
By Consume Less Life  •  July 11, 2022
Trusted Business Award. Top 500 SMEs. Elite SME award. What do these business awards even mean? Do these business awards represent that the company has merits or is it just an empty title? Well, it’s complicated. A company that has an award attached to its name provides trust to the consumer. To an untrained eye, one would pick to deal with a company with a business award versus one that doesn’t. Before you decide to apply for a business award as a business, or trust a business just because of an award as a consumer, read on. What Are Business Awards? Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash  Business Awards are essentially a marketing tool. They are presented to companies to build trust, showing that the companies embody what the award represents (e.g trust, quality, success, excellence, innovation). There are multiple uses for business awards. It builds trust and legitimacy similar...
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By Consume Less Life
I am glad you arrived on this blog because you are interested in consuming less. The idea of Consume Less Life was born in Singapore, 15 September 2020. The primary purpose of this blog is to attempt to encourage you to consume less. Consuming less has multiple benefits such as saving money, saving the planet and keeping your life simple.

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