The Best Investment in Times of Inflation?
By Early Retirement SG  •  July 14, 2022
This post is not meant to be investment advice. It's just... well... stuff to think about. So we've read a lot during our financial research and school and all that... Stuff that's inflation protected... Or to hedge against inflation. Yea... sure... Gold? Bitcoin? Stocks? Bonds? Yea... all dropping and essentially most people who bought in the past 6 months or so has lost money. And then... what people say you should stay out of during inflationary times... Cash... The only winner. So prices of stuff rise... commodities, etc... so there's some loss in spending power when holding cash... BUT... sure beats actually losing money when compared to putting money in other assets listed above. Double whammy, lose money and the remaining money is also eroded by loss in spending power. Maybe the aunties who run around from bank to bank searching for the best FD rates were on to something. Just stuff to think about......
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By Early Retirement SG
Male, born in 1982. Graduated with a degree majoring in Banking & Finance, Financial Adviser for a period of time resulting in in-depth knowledge of insurance products and marketing techniques of the industry ...

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