Everything You Need To Know About OxProp, Singapore’s Latest SME Business Loan Provider
By ValueChampion  •  July 18, 2022
Getting a business loan in Singapore is no easy feat. There are a few requirements you have to fulfil.
Requirements For Obtaining A Business Loan For Your SME:
  • At least six months since your business has been incorporated
  • Proof of annual revenue
  • Government-assisted Financing only for businesses registered and present in Singapore with 30% owned by Singaporeans/PRs
  • Good credit score
Firstly, Providers typically require your business to be around for at least six months to qualify. If you are established, you would still need proof of your annual revenue to lend to you, making it hard for new business owners to get a business loan. Secondly, Government-assisted financing is open only to businesses registered in (and present in) Singapore, which has 30% of business equity owned by Singaporeans/PRs. If you do not have enough Singaporean/PR shareholders, you will find it harder to get a business loan....
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By ValueChampion
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