5 Failed Property Predictions That Everyone Thought Would Come True (Thanks To Covid-19)
By Stacked Homes  •  July 26, 2022
As Covid-19 was the most major event in the country (and possibly the world at the time), it’s inevitable that many of the causes below are directly or indirectly linked to the pandemic. We’ve often said there’s no good crystal ball for the property market, but that doesn’t stop some very certain statements that keep appearing. While Covid-19 may have skewed how the market has turned out, the truth is, that Singapore’s interventionist approach (our government is quick to act on home ownership issues), along with this disruptive era in politics, makes it hard to foresee the simplest issues. Here are some predictions that, while well-grounded in their time, ended up being way off from reality:...
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By Stacked Homes
The Stacked Homes editorial began in February 2017 to provide the latest news and analysis on property in Singapore.

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