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Personal Trainer Gabriel Seow Tries Tracking His Expenses Alongside His Calories
By Planner Bee  •  July 31, 2022
Personal trainer and freelance content creator Gabriel Seow is used to tracking his calories, and choosing food that will help him fulfil his count for the day. But as automatic as it is for the 27-year-old to compute the nutritional value of what goes into his body, he doesn’t have the habit of tracking his expenses. He admits that this sometimes leads to overspending, which is something he’d rather avoid. Planner Bee challenged him to be as aware of what he spends on food, as he is of the calories he consumes. Over three days, he had to spend within his given budget of S$100 for meals. Gabriel is aiming for lofty financial goals. In the short term, he’s looking to start up his own gym in about five years, which he estimates he’ll need S$40,000–S$50,000 for. In the longer term, he wants to be able to afford a house, which he observes is quite expensive in Singapore....
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By Planner Bee
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