Exited U.S stocks in time to avoid deep losses. A bad year but saved by USD.
By Market Observer  •  October 2, 2022
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash This has not been a good year for my stock portfolio. This year had been characterized by bear market rallies which whipsawed my stock portfolio (more on that later). It is a year to be remembered for risk management and survival through decisive exits. About 4 months ago in June 2022, I decided to move into China/HK stocks after the market showed some signs of recovery. 3 weeks later, I decided to exit China/HK stocks because my China/HK stock picks performed poorly despite a good performance from China/HK stock indices in June. I wondered what was wrong with me then. Usually, my stock portfolio will move hand in hand with the indices but this time, I lost money despite the indices going up. Either something is wrong with me or the market is telling me there is worse to come. I cannot allow the self-doubt to continue...
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By Market Observer
I have more than 15 years of navigating stock markets. Did the markets make me rich? I humbly admit I have rich experience in losing money but managed to earn back enough to not be stressed out over money today.

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